Where to display the product in the store

Jul 14 , 2023

I don’t know if you have noticed that the freezer showcases in supermarkets are all in the deepest part. Why is this?

Advertising Gravity Flex Shelf

It's actually part of their strategy to guide customers into a deliberate shopping strategy. By placing the beverage area deep enough to allow customers to walk past as many other products as possible, doing so increases the likelihood that the customer will purchase other items and make another accidental purchase.

There are very few changes in the layout of the supermarket, which is also to allow customers to better find the products they need. In addition to the zoning of supermarkets, the placement of products on the shelves is also carefully planned, so that customers can better pick up the products and allow customers to have more time to choose products.

Refrigerator Side Shelf can not only act on the shelves, but also in the freezer. Mainly to solve the arrangement and beauty of shelf goods.

 retail With Roller Shelf

The prerequisite for customers to make impulsive purchases is to meet their needs and provide them with a good buying experience. Therefore, the display position of products is very important. To formulate different strategies for customer groups is a requirement that supermarkets should have.

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