Tips for choosing slides for beverage freezers in small shops

Jul 05 , 2024

Small shops mainly sell beverages, snacks, and daily necessities to serve surrounding residents. The beverage freezers in the store are generally old freezers from more than ten years ago. The shelves of these freezers use fixed mesh shelves.

Beverage freezer slide prospect

Beverage sales are large in summer, and store clerks tally goods frequently.Vending machines smart shelf roller is designed to make product sorting simpler and smarter, and provides a special version of the slide solution that meets most cold drink freezers on the market.

aluminium coller roller shelf

Changing the Tallying Conundrum with Freezer Slides

At the same time, as the public's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection increases, it has become a development trend to invest in new technologies, new processes, and new equipment to obtain energy-saving benefits.OFL "roller shelf" is an automated shelf display with significant efficiency gains and energy saving. solution.

Tips for selecting roller shelf for small shop beverage freezers

China is accelerating industrial renewal and upgrading. More and more convenience store owners are upgrading their freezer shelves. By measuring the width and depth of the shelves, they will customize a roller shelf freezer slide with us. The freezer slide is displayed in the commercial vertical freezer of the convenience store. We have been developing, producing and selling shelf props for more than ten years, and currently many brands are our partners.

aluminium divider metal shelf

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