The use of smart vending machines

Apr 14 , 2023

Nowadays, many vending machines in office buildings use Store Drink Shelf, and the front drink can be taken out when the cabinet door is opened, and the drinks at the back will be automatically replenished to the front.

There are several identification systems for smart vending machines:

1. Weighing and identification: It is possible to identify commodities through important items and complete settlement.

2. Dynamic recognition: The camera conducts settlement by recognizing the product information of the image when picking up the product.

3. Static recognition: When the freezer door is opened and closed, two photos are taken and uploaded to the server background for settlement.

4. Radio frequency identification technology: commodity labels are settled by scanning the automatic induction system on the shelf.

Vending machines provide a lot of convenience for life, mainly reflected in the convenience of taking and settlement.

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