The latest ranking of the global top 200 brands in 2021

Nov 14 , 2021

Recently, Food Engineering released the 2021 Global Food and Beverage Top 100 annual list, Guangdong OFL Automatic Shelf Technology Co., Ltd. tracking report, for you the exclusive interpretation of this year's list.

Food Engineering Top 100 global food and beverage companies

Last years, Nestle, which topped the top list, fell to second in last year, with PepsiCo becoming the new global food and beverage company.The move has been one of the biggest changes in the list in recent years.

Choose the OFL gravity feed beverage shelves, let the goods automatically row to the front end of the shelf.

According to the above form, there are many brands that have established strategic cooperation with the OFL retail store display shelf : such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Yili, Mengniu, Magic Catch, etc. So on, we will share with you several cases of using the self-respect slide to show their products.

convenience store shelf refrigerators

Red Bull: Standard double slide sale display box

OFL plastic freezer shelf dividers

Extensive application of cases

OFL roller track system is a special device for beverage freezers and shelves, the device is widely applicable and can be used for plane network layer frame, double layer network layer frame,supermarket roller shelf mainly solves the automatic goods of pushing the goods to the front row, the width of the separation line goods is arbitrarily adjusted, so that the products are neatly arranged.Ofulon patent tilt 5 degrees Angle, when the first bottle of goods behind the products automatically slide to the front end, so that the row surface is always neat and full, improve customers' shopping experience, and the goods are easy in hand.

Automatic shelf refrigerator

Coca-Cola: Special version of roller shelf

display shelf bracket

MOZA: with the LED general version of roller shelf

commercial fridge display shelf

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