The inevitable trend of the development of domestic member stores

Feb 13 , 2023

In the past 2022, the retail industry has been extremely fierce, and many retailers have lost money or even lost their jobs.

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The iterative changes in the industry structure have caused many convenience stores to lose development opportunities, but it has also led to the rise of many member stores. For example, Sam, COSTCO, Hema X Member Store, fudi and other international and local companies.

A new trend currently manifested by local emerging member stores is to return to the essence of retail by developing new products around new formats. Buy products for consumers, not limited to domestic, but screen and distribute from a global perspective.

Not only a member store, global procurement, becoming a domestic retailer with ambitions and goals. In the future, it will not only be a domestic brand, but also a new starting point for the development and growth of the domestic retail industry, and even become a world-class enterprise.

The development and growth of the domestic retail industry has driven the development trend of many products. As one of the convenient pick-up systems for store shelves,OFL roller shelf can facilitate tallying and make store shelves more orderly and beautiful.

In the future, the low-price retail industry will rise even more, and the pursuit of consumer services will increase. The merchandise and shopping environment will also be better.

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