The evolution of convenience stores in China from small retail to large retail

May 19 , 2022

My country has a vast territory. In the convenience store industry, in 2002, there were five convenience companies that began to take shape in my country, all of which were domestic-funded convenience companies in Shanghai, including: Lianhua Express convenience (1045), Kedi convenience ( 706), 21st Century Convenience (504), Haode Convenience (503), Liangyou Convenience (472).

The evolution of convenience stores after 20 years.

The first echelon dominated by the petroleum department (Easy Jie, Kunlun Hospitality, Meiyijia) has more than 20,000 stores;

The second echelon dominated by traditional foreign convenience stores (Lawson, FamilyMart, 7-11, Dharma, Jianfu, and Bianianfeng) has more than 2,000 stores;

The third echelon is dominated by regional brands (Hebei 365, Xi'an Everyday, Shenzhen Yizhan, Shanxi Tangjiujinhu, Guangdong Family Carnival, Hunan Xinjiayi, Jiangsu Century Hualian Suguo, Sichuan dance Dongfeng , etc.), and the number of stores exceeds 1000 pieces.

Adjustable Sliding Shelf Track

As a brand leader in the field of automatic shelves, OFL serves the automatic tally of commercial freezer shelves with Auto Front Gravity Roller Shelf.

Born for convenience, after more than ten years of development,Roller Shelf For Vending Machine series products have covered more than 60,000 convenience stores, become partners of many well-known brands, and are also Coca-Cola certified suppliers, serving more than 800 customers.

Actively selected by shelf companies, automatic vendors, cold chain industry, beverage end customers, major shopping malls, supermarkets, and convenience store customers, it has established a "gold standard" for China's roller shelf, and OFL has become the industry synonym for roller shelf.

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