Precautions for buying roller shelf

Aug 10 , 2022

Many customers and friends have many questions about how to configure the slides suitable for their own freezer/shelf size in the process of placing orders to buy Roller Shelf. We have sorted out your problems, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Measure the width and depth of the shelf, starting from the inner diameter of the shelf on the front, rear, left, and right sides.

Acrylic product Shelf Systems

2. Adjust the inclination angle of the shelf. When installing the self-weight slideway, you can use the support arm of the freezer to adjust the angle of the shelf; the shelf needs a support frame to adjust the angle of the slideway.

Plastic Sliding Shelves

(support arm)

Auto-Front Shelf Divider

(Fix the clip of the support arm/support clip in the clip hole of the freezer, and it will tilt.)

3. Before installing the divider, first place the width of the product, and then install the divider at the corresponding holes at both ends of the slideway. If you need to divide the slideway into 7 grids, then you need to purchase 8 shelf divider.

New design Free Sample Racks

4. If the freezer shelf is not a double shelf, then you need to purchase an acrylic front baffle to prevent the goods from falling.

PS Store Drink Shelf

5. At present, the aluminum alloy version of OFL Cooler Display Roller Shelf has two colors: black and beige. Colors can be purchased according to your needs before placing an order.

If you do not understand anything during the installation process, please come to us for consultation!

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