OFL Partner Coca-Cola New Release

Apr 28 , 2022

On April 5, OFL partner Coca-Cola announced the launch of the "Byte Byte Limited Series", and announced the first product of the series - the flavour of pixels sugar-free cola.

Coca-Cola said on its official website that the pixel flavor is "the first Coca-Cola flavor born in the Metaverse." Inspired by the world of online games and the Metaverse, the new drink aims to appeal to the younger generation of consumers who are familiar with the Internet.

OFL learned that this new product will be launched in China on May 23. In addition, other versions of the Byte limited series will also be released this year.

Coca-Cola reports that the pixel-flavored cola will sell for about $15 and will be available in limited quantities in two-packs, while stocks last.

On the packaging, the whole body of this cola can is purple and marked with the red logo of Coca-Cola's global creative platform "Le Chuang Wujie". The green and purple pixel squares are distributed in a progressive sense of space, and the words Coca-Cola are pixelated, which has a different-dimensional style of video games.

OFL learned that this pixel-flavored Coca-Cola has been sold in some Latin American countries on April 4, and will be released in the United States on May 2, and in China on May 23.

It's unclear how the drink will taste, but Coca-Cola says it "tastes like a pixel," with a "straightforward, edgy taste" and a "refreshing experience."

It is understood that this global cross-functional Coca-Cola team, led by North American operations, brought together leaders in creativity, marketing, technology, R&D and design, and the team worked together to identify the right elements to "bring the pixel to life in the taste experience." .

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