OFL partner | Coca-Cola LOGO will be upgraded to the hug (Hug) logo

Oct 20 , 2021

Auto-feed beverage roller shelf

On September 30, Coca-Cola Company (Coke) released a new brand concept, " Real Magic」, creates a new global platform for its Coca-Cola brand, calling on everyone to convey a smooth and exciting positive spirit to the people around you to strengthen the resonance with consumers.

Coca-Cola has s existing logo

It is the first time that Coca-Cola has launched a new brand concept since 2016.Under the guidance of the new brand concept, Coca-Cola's classic "curve ribbon" logo will also be presented in a brand new way, and Coca-Cola will name it the "hug (Hug)" logo.

The Coca-Cola Hudle (Hug) logo

「Real Magic」 has revolutionized its previous brand commitment into Coke's deep insight into the rapid changes of society and the world," Coke said in a press release.

The OFL adjustable beverage shelf has become the golden partner of the Coca-Cola display

As a famous brand defining carbonated drinks, Coca-Cola has leading innovation and every move attracts much attention from the industry. Ofulon creates a brand in the field of self-respect slide. In the Coca-Cola beverage freezer, the shelf of Coke products is supplied by Guangdong Offulong Automatic Shelf Technology Co., Ltd.

Plastic Freezer Display Rack

The OFL Self Roller displays Coca-Cola

In the past year and a half, the epidemic makes our tremendous changes in all aspects of life, the common experience of people around the world gave the Real Magic」 this brand concept profound enlightenment: in the unpredictable future moment, as long as each other closely together, efforts to make every ordinary moment become no longer ordinary, can perceive the flash of human nature.

The Coca-Cola Hudle (Hug) logo

‘’The environment that we live in today is full of internal contradictions.For example, we live in physical space, but also through the virtual world.From Coca Cola, it will also be a elman Careaga‘’global president of the Coca-Cola category, explained.


The simultaneous "hug" LOGO was inspired by the label of the bottle, which is like "embracing" Coca-Cola products.

Inspired by this, Coca-Cola bent the LOGO「 "to creatively design this highly spatial" hug " LOGO. to highlight and strengthen the arc formIn order to highlight the brand spirit of embracing multicultural and discovering the true.

Coca-Cola's "new" LOGO will be used throughout the marketing campaign, including in the Chinese market.

Of course, that doesn't mean Coke is all put in new packaging.This "embrace" LOGO is just a creative variant of its classic LOGO, or a new brand asset, which will be flexibly applied to its brand concept " various advertising ideas under Real Magic」, so Coca-Cola's product packaging will not change.

As part of its new brand concept, Coca-Cola will also launch a campaign called "One Coke Away From Other(, regardless of you and me)".

This marketing campaign conveys a metaphorical belief that pooling us is far stronger than separating us to pay tribute to our common humanity.

The OFL acrylic sliding shelf makes more display goods better

Liquor Bottle Display Shelf makes the supermarket shelf display better, the OFL roller shelf focuses on shopping experience to improve the value, and continues to launch the self-weight slide suitable for more customers and wider application fields. At present, the general version of the self-weight slide, special version and customized version of the self-weight slide is suitable for various domestic commercial vertical display cabinets.

To this end, Coke also invited three famous gamers: DJ Alan Walker, Aerial Powers and Average Jonas shot a micro film of the same name.In the film, Coca-Cola hosts an esports, and a fantasy war begins.But in the end the family got well, thanks, of course, to Coca-Cola.

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