OFL Park held 2021 fire drill

Aug 24 , 2021

2021 · Fire Safety Exercise

What should be paid to attention to the use, loading and unloading (employees and suppliers) in daily work; specification of elevator use; correct use of fire extinguishing equipment for on-site exercises.

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Safety education prevention is better than unburned

Establish a solid sense of safety responsibility, strengthen the implementation of the production safety rules and regulations.Fire drill is only one aspect of the safety control link, and ensuring daily safety production is the best way to test the results of the drill.Each person in charge must always tighten the bottom line of production safety thinking, to ensure that the situation within the scope is clear, safe, rest assured and reliable.I hope you can learn what you have learned, improve the safety awareness around you and the ability to eliminate hidden dangers.

In case of fire, orderly evacuation from the stairs

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Spring blooming season, is also the fire safety is easy to ignore.At about 15 PM on March 31, the fire alarm rang in OFL Science and Technology Park suddenly sounded. All employees suspended their work, flew, covered their mouths and noses with their hands, evacuated along the stairs to the first floor in an orderly manner, and all departments lined up neatly.

Master the fire fighting common sense is well prepared

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Before the start of the fire drill, the drill commander Zeng Gong explained the "three inprinciples and four essentials" in the process of fire fighting, explaining how to correctly use fire extinguishers, operation essentials and matters needing attention.

Three non-standard:

1、Life is always the first "not greedy" property.

2、Escaped from the stairs "without taking" the elevator.

3、Uneasily jump window before confirming security.

Four key points:

1 、Needs a fire alarm 119.

2、The will use the fire extinguishing equipment.

3、Will correctly use fire fighting equipment to extinguish the initial fire source.

4、Should master the skills of escape and self-rescue.

The responsibility of eliminating hidden dangers is heavier than Mount Tai

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Practical operation: skillfully use the dry powder fire extinguisher, put the fire hose. Field test fire fighting skills, colleagues picked up the fire extinguisher, lift two shake, pull out the insurance pin, hold the powder tube head, press the valve at the root of the fire, and put out the fire in the bud. Looking at the skilled fire fighting process, I believe that everyone can master scientific and correct fire fighting methods to maximize the safety of life and property.

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