How to choose a sales system for a supermarket

Jan 13 , 2023

Our Acrylic Flex Shelf is customized according to the size of the customer's needs, and the aluminum alloy plate and plastic plate with the highest customer demand. Do you know what the difference is?

As one of the company's main shelf, the aluminum alloy version is suitable for supermarket shelves and cold drink cabinets. The acrylic front baffle can also customize its own brand according to customers to enhance the three-dimensional publicity effect of the brand.

The plastic version is the most cost-effective and can flexibly adjust the spacing between rows. It is mainly used on supermarket shelves and is convenient for customers to pick up.

If the convenience store wants to better attract customers and provide customers with a good experience, Refrigerator Sliding Shelves can realize the automatic management of goods, so that the display shelves are always full of goods.

Store Gravity Shelf

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