How OFL promotes development and innovation in the retail industry

Sep 22 , 2023

When OFL was founded, we decided to establish it because we saw that domestic supermarkets and convenience stores lacked details in picking up goods. The retail industry needs to pay attention to details, and retail people need to keep pace with the times, and micro-innovation must be a top priority.

In 2015, OFL got to know Linkshop. As a rising star of retail equipment suppliers, although its products are not lacking in creativity and charm, due to its short time in the industry, its popularity is not enough. So developing customers is very difficult.

However, through joint business, we have met many retail customers and successfully gained industry recognition. OFL first exhibition attracted the attention of many retailers. No company will refuse innovation, and no boss will ignore retail details, and OFL is focusing on this.

In that short year, OFL has cooperated with more than 50 customers in China, which was a new turning point in the development of the company. It has also allowed OFL to successfully inject new innovation points into various retail companies.

Retail freezer shelf system

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