Gain insight | Cold knowledge in vending machines?

Jan 13 , 2022
Around us, there are more and more vending machines. Today, Ou Fulong self-weight slides will introduce some technical points hidden in vending machines.

Check it out! A hapless drink got stuck in the vending machine. How could you, wise, pass up such an opportunity? You smile slightly, buy a drink right above it, and just use gravity to... get the two drinks stuck together.

Traditional vending machine

The machine that teases you is a traditional vending machine. Its essence is a two-dimensional coordinate system. You select a certain coordinate, and the machine will push out the beverage.

They are generally closed design, and no one can steal anything, but the price is that you have to push the partitions away in a squatting position to take out the goods; and you can only buy one at a time, and there is often a "Bought, But I didn't buy it completely" embarrassing scene

Smart vending machine

So nowadays, the vending machines in office buildings and other places are basically this kind of open intelligent vending machine. Open the cabinet door and take it as you like, take out the drinks in front, and the back slides automatically. After closing the door, the fee is automatically deducted.

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