Freezer roller shelf installation process

Sep 16 , 2022

Assembly of accessories

According to the size of the beverage bottle body, insert the separating iron wires in order. The interval between the iron wires is 1 to 2 holes larger than that of the beverage bottle body to ensure smooth sliding, and then install the acrylic baffle.

Fixed slide

Remove the freezer shelf, place Auto Front Cooler Shelf that shelf wire and the baffle plate on the shelf, and fix it with a cable tie.

Adjust the angle

Adjust the corresponding inclination angle of the support arm or support buckle under the shelf to realize the function of automatic tally.

According to the top and bottom space of the freezer, adjust the front two support buckles higher, or adjust the rear two to raise one or two holes.

If the support method is a support arm, the frontmost clip of the support arm is fixed in the locking hole, and the support arm is in a tilted state.

Placing Shelves

Place the shelf with Product Roller Track installed on the support arm or support frame with the adjusted angle, and fix it for loading.

PC Refrigerator Shelf

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