Four Technical Systems Of Vending Machines

Feb 17 , 2022

The basic function of a vending machine is to know what you have taken out of it. According to the technical principles, we can divide them into 4 technical systems.

The first technology is "weighing recognition", which is to install a gravity sensor like this on the shelf. After you take the product, it will recognize the product according to the weight change and complete the settlement.

By the way, some self-service checkout counters in supermarkets also use weighing recognition technology to ensure that you scan the code and put the same product in the packing table.

One weighing identification sensor is provided for each layer or each cargo lane. I couldn't help but want to buy a bottle of Happy Water, but when I picked it up, my conscience realized that I was too ashamed, so I put the Happy Water on another floor and closed the cabinet door. But the problem is that the gravity sensor on the original layer finds that there is one less bottle of happy water, so it will still deduct your money. If you open the cabinet door again and take out the happy water that you spent money on, then you will be pleasantly surprised to find that...the vending machine will deduct the money again.

The second technology is "dynamic recognition", and although the "dynamic recognition" technology also uses image recognition, it is more advanced. Its camera is not installed on the shelf, but on the top layer of the vending machine. When you take the product, it will take a short video and upload it to the server. The server will identify the product information in the image through an algorithm, and then Do the settlement again.

The third technology is "static recognition". In addition to "weighing recognition", vending machines using "static recognition" technology will install a wide-angle camera on each shelf to look down on the goods on this layer.

When you open and close the door, it will take two photos respectively, upload them to the server background, then compare the product information, and then complete the settlement.

The fourth is "radio frequency identification technology". Using a vending machine with such a process, a product label like this is attached to the product. When you take it out, the product label will pass through the magnetic field line inside the vending machine to form an induced current, and it will flow outward. Send a radio signal of a specific frequency. When the reader in the vending machine receives the corresponding signal, the settlement can be completed and your money can be deducted.

But an open vending machine that can open the door of the cabinet can face many situations every day. Therefore, today's smart vending opportunities use multiple identification technologies at the same time to make up for the insufficiency of a single technology.

There are also vending machines with visual identification and RFID tags. Even if you rip off the tag inside the machine, the camera can still capture your movements and take your money.

You see, vending machines are actually like you, providing more convenience for our lives. With the dream of benefiting the society, we hope that more intelligent hardware devices will serve our lives.

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