Evolutionary Channels for the Retail Industry

Dec 15 , 2023

Different from the traditional retail model, many supermarkets are now beginning to use AI intelligence to realize technological shopping. For example, intelligent payment only requires shoppers to scan the barcode of the product themselves, and then they can pay by scanning the code, scanning their face, etc.

Retailers are no longer satisfied with just being a channel. They use capital to cooperate with brand owners to reduce the cost of goods, or develop their own brands to enhance the market competitiveness of goods. The first is the evolution of "customer first" awareness, the second is the evolution of product awareness, and the third is the evolution of management awareness.


Retailers should not let consumers pay for celebrity endorsements, gorgeous packaging, and traffic purchases. This is what retailers should realize, and it is also what consumers want to see most.

auto front sliding shelf system

"Being able to meet some of the needs of some customers" is a big business. Providing consumers with more cost-effective goods and services is the right answer for the company's continued growth.

As a product specially designed for convenience stores, OFL plastic roller shelf system were born to solve the problem of supermarket shelf arrangement, making the products on the shelves more neat and beautiful. Convenient for consumers to enjoy shopping.

For consumers, this evolution is far from enough. Enjoying cost-effective goods and services, obtaining a better consumer experience to demonstrate their power, and using this to promote the continuous evolution of the retail industry and go global is a never-ending road. , although the road is long and far away, we have seen hope.

Flex shelf Rollerbottle

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