The uniqueness of roller shelf to supermarkets

Aug 31 , 2023

1. The installation of roller shelf in supermarkets can solve the shortage of manpower in the store. Even if there are not enough shelf managers, frozen beverage products can be easily arranged.

2. The roller shelf can solve the irregular arrangement, dumping and vacancy of the shelves, realize the function of automatic replenishment and tally, and can use the power of the goods itself to continuously push the goods to the front, and always let the shelves line up Neat and beautiful.

3. It can solve the problem of product expiration and severe inventory backlog, realize first-in-first-out of goods, and speed up product turnover. The freezer can also take advantage of the display advantages of roller shelf to achieve better storage efficiency.

4. To solve the problem of poor shopping experience for consumers, the refrigerator bottle shelves can always keep the products displayed on the first row of shelves without any vacancies.

5. After using the separators drink gravity roller shelf, it is not necessary to frequently arrange the drinks in the freezer, which saves the opening time of the freezer and reduces the electricity bill.

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