The roller shelf of the warming cabinet is used.

Nov 03 , 2022

When the weather started to get cold, the hot drink warmer freezer in the convenience store was turned on, and dozens of coffee and milk tea were lined up on the 40-degree heat insulation board, waiting for people to take them away.

In a convenience store, the warm drink cabinet is divided into three layers. The upper and lower layers are mainly for coffee and tea, and the middle layer is mainly for juice drinks and milk products.

beverage push shelves refriguator

In the row of shelves, each drink can be neatly placed at the front. This depends on the credit of the automatic shelves. In the cold winter, the roller shelf that can automatically slide forward can save a lot of time and cost for the merchants. Because opening the refrigerator a few times less often saves a lot of electricity.

But in the convenience store freezer, not all beverages are suitable for sale in the freezer. There are two thresholds for the beverage warmer:

1. Beverages have thermal inspection reports.

2. There will be no abnormal phenomena such as sediment and liquid in the heated beverage.

Flexible Freezer Roller shelf can be used at temperatures from -20° to 85°. Compared with other freezer shelves, warmer beverages are more popular in terms of price and portability.

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