The advantage of roller shelf in the second half of the season

Oct 13 , 2021

In golden October, the summer heat has not gone.

Will you worry because the winter is coming, along with the wrong peak electricity, let the use of the freezer how can save time and electricity and beautiful?

Take a look at our Liquor Cooler Shelf Glides !

smart roller shelf system

Our Retail Display Rack Shelf has been doing high temperature test for a long time. At present, in the self-service vending machine, it can withstand the temperature of about 12 ° -60 °. The intelligent lifting system not only ensures that the goods sold are well packaged, but also can sell fragile and bad products such as red wine and vegetables.

The self-service vending machines can be seen everywhere in the street, the wind curtain cabinet freezer shelves in the supermarket and so on, are mostly with sliding effect, because the buyer takes goods, it is impossible to replenish goods at any time, the vacant place will appear empty, not beautiful.

When manual replenishment does not need to spend too much time sorting out the placement of goods, the self-weight slide with its own separation line, can be adjusted according to the size of the goods, replenishment only need to lower from behind to let the goods slide down naturally.

The convenience brought by Drink Beer Display Shelf is imperceptibly, and can meet the different needs of the majority of customers.Ofulon special version, plastic general version, aluminum alloy general version of the self-weight slide for the majority of customers to deliver drinks to the first row, fully explaining the power of science and technology is really too magical, within reach.

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