Significant advantages of special version of roller shelf

Apr 03 , 2024

One: It can solve the problems of merchandise display for merchants: merchandise is messy, cannot be replenished in time, is not full, untidy, vacant, uneven, merchandise classification is unclear, and cannot be easily picked up and taken away, etc.

Second: It can solve the labor cost problem of merchants and the increase in the number of tallying times, saving 45% of the sorting time.

Third: It can reduce the loss of goods to a great extent, make full use of the display space on the shelves, and reduce inventory backlog.

Fourth: It allows merchants to recover the cost of the self-service shelf sorting/replenishment system within half a year and save tens of thousands of expenses within a year.

Fifth: It can make customers who enter the store feel novel, increase their stay time, stimulate their desire to buy, and make products on every level of the shelf easily accessible.

Always Front Cooler Flex Shelf

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