Roller shelf can organizer shelves with higher quality

Dec 29 , 2023

As a new type of high-tech display props, Store roller shelf drinks only needs to be tilted at an angle of 3°-5° to smoothly slide the goods behind to the front, realizing automated management of goods and keeping the exhibition shelves always in the right position. The state of goods is full.

At present, domestic supermarkets and convenience stores of a certain scale will be equipped with Acrylic shelf roller to achieve higher quality and efficient development, allowing more customers to experience the wonderful experience brought by technological development.

Convenience store merchants with roller shelf said that the display shelves with roller shelf are brighter and convenient for replenishment. They always keep the goods in a full state, are suitable for the use of a variety of goods, reduce the frequency of tallying, and improve employee efficiency.

Supermarket Flowing Shelf

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