Patented display roller shelf cargo display rack

Mar 21 , 2024

Traditional beverage freezer shelves do not have automatic sorting functions. When customers take away the goods in the front, the goods in the back row are fixed, which can easily lead to inconvenience and expiration, affecting the customer's shopping experience.

In response to the above display pain points, Guangdong OFL took the lead in developing a patented automatic tallying device for beverage freezers - a Small shelf rack.

Supermarket wire divider shelf is a roller-type conveying device that uses the product's own gravity and the pulley function to automatically slide the product to the front, making the freezer appear to be fully stocked at all times.

In order to reduce the time of sorting the freezers, shelves and other cards, thereby reducing the number and duration of opening the freezers, saving electricity, and achieving the purpose of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. At the same time, it improves personnel work efficiency, reduces labor costs, and shortens the cost recovery period.

gondola rack track freezer

main feature:

1. Beverage products on the shelves should be kept neatly arranged in fixed positions, and fixed product display angles should be determined so that customers will not let the products fall over when picking up the products, and the product arrangement can be automatically organized.

2. Let the products on the shelves always be displayed in front of customers, and automatically replenish the products forward, making it easier for customers to find the products and increasing the chance of customers making an immediate purchase.

3. Let the products on the shelves implement the first-in-first-out principle, ensure that the layout is neat and beautiful, guide customers to change their shopping orientation, reduce the loss of products, and increase sales.

wire drink shelf slide shelf

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