OFL Freezer Gravity Slides

Sep 29 , 2022

About the gravity slide of the freezer

The gravity slide of the OFL freezer is suitable for freezers and freezer shelves of any width and depth. the gravity slide shelf divider is made of stainless steel, which does not fade and can be reused. Secondly, the acrylic baffle of the slide is made of acrylic. Made, can be customized customer's LOGO logo. The roller part of the core component adopts the patented roller of OFL roller shelf, It has obvious advantages such as low smooth resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance and compression resistance.

Automatic Plastic Shelf Divider

The details of the freezer gravity shelf product and its details

1.Front and rear plugs: can be matched with acrylic baffles or wire dividers, and there are two holes on the back that can be fixed with screws.

2.Plastic roller shelf: environmentally friendly rubber strip, Strong flexibility and smooth rolling, smooth, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.

3.Front and rear rails: aluminum alloy material, good plasticity and perfect jamming with front and rear plugs, not easy to move

4.Plug + bottom plate + slide rail: accessories are connected through the card position

5.Plug + front and rear card rails: accessories are connected through the card position

Aluminium Smart Shelf Management

Product advantages

1. The gravity slide of the freezer can be freely adjusted and used according to the specifications of various refrigerators, freezers, wind cabinets, shelves and so on.

2. The use of the gravity slide of the freezer can give full play to the position of the golden level of the shelf, so that the hot-selling products can achieve a better sales volume.

3. The use of Refrigerator Shelf glide can greatly reduce the door opening time of the refrigerator, thereby saving electricity consumption and costs, and reducing the number of in-store commissioners' tally,improving employee efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Guangdong OFL Automatic Display Shelf Co., Ltd. is the first manufacturer of Acrylic Cooler Display Shelf.

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