OFL Double Slide Series

Nov 18 , 2021

OFL beverage shelf glide system can improve the product image display, solve the commodity advanced first out circulation sales, is the only choice of the store.

Store smart shelves

Auto-front display shelf divider replaceable acrylic front end can customize different brand LOGO according to customer needs.

Standard double slide is divid into luminous and non-luminous front baffle.The luminous front baffle uses dry battery as optical energy power, so that LED lights light to attract the attention of consumers.The non-luminous front baffle is also a customizable LOGO.

spring road vending machine

The needs of customers vary, and advocating personalization has become a normal trend, personalized dual Fridge Shelf can provide beautiful collocation skills, can be placed and sold in a variety of various products, such as cans, bottles, boxes, bags, etc.

We also have more other products and accessories for you to choose from: separation line, front acrylic, Angle bar, small plug head, can come to us to learn online consultation purchase.

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