Learn how Coca-Cola is displayed

Mar 16 , 2023

Coca-Cola is one of our partners. In China, where there are Coca-Cola freezers, there are OFL roller shelf.

As a certified supplier of Coca-Cola, OFL Cooler Roller Shelf Glides has a better pick-up experience. Where there are Coca-Cola freezers in China, OFL roller shelves provide you with a wonderful pick-up experience service.

Auto Front Vending Machine Shelf

OFL roller shelf focuses on experiencing technology

OFL, as the flagship brand in the field of Flex Bottle Roller Shelf, Has Customers' Applications In More Than 80,000 Stores, Providing Automatic Tallying Solutions For Convenience Stores And Supermarket Shelves.

Roller shelf is used to make the shelves neatly arranged, and the goods automatically slide to the front by themselves; the number of times to open the freezer is reduced, thereby reducing energy consumption, which provides help for efficient tallying and saves labor, and finally maximizes benefits .

New design Smart Shelf

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