Introduction to roller shelf

Oct 13 , 2023

1. Adjustable cooler glides shelf is a roller conveyor device that uses the product's own gravity and rolling friction to automatically slide the product to the front. It can make the appearance of the freezer and shelves appear to be fully stocked at all times;

2. Super market fridge shelf are mainly used in display freezers and shelves. The main user groups include convenience stores, supermarkets, beverage merchants and cold chain merchants. They are suitable for goods with fast turnover and high frequency of tallying, especially for soft goods in refrigerators. Mostly.

3. There are currently three products: general version, special version and customized version.

Scope of application of roller shelf;

1. Suitable for plastic bottles, glass bottles, metal cans, cartons and other fixed packaging products;

2. Widely used in retail store air curtain cabinets, display cabinets, shelves and other equipment;

3. Roller shelf can basically meet the dimensions of all freezers and shelves.

adjustable cooler shelving

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