Implementation principle of OFL Vending Machine Shelf

Sep 13 , 2021

1. Use the gravity of the product to bottle drink acylic shelf the product to the front with the help of the pulley function, so that the appearance of the freezer looks like it is always full;

2. It can be used directly without making changes in the freezer;

3. At present, there are general version, special version and customized version;

Auto Front bottle spring pusher

Standard Version

Open the door frequently, the refrigeration efficiency is low, convenience store promotion shelf is used, and the door is opened 3 times less per shift, saving 1,000 yuan in half a year.

supermarket food display shelf

Advanced Version


Negligence in replenishment, unsalable goods on the old date, use of smart fridge refrigerator to reduce the loss of expired goods for half a year and reduce the loss by 1,200 yuan.


wire shelf equipment


Customized Version

One store and one employee need not only cashier but also tally goods, use cooler shelf glides to reduce tally by 3 times and save 3 hours of tally per day.

grocery display rack sliding

The needs of customers vary greatly, and individuation of customers has become a normal trend. Such as supermarkets, community convenience stores are the most widely used face to face. The liquor store equiment can better realize the automatic management of the shopkeeper in the function and effect, and meet the needs of stores with less abundant budget to the greatest extent.

retail display cooler glides

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