How to use roller shelf to save energy in convenience stores

Jan 17 , 2023

Domestic freezers, shelves and other beverage display areas are always messy. It is always difficult for customers to pick out their favorite products at a glance. The refrigeration efficiency of the freezer has been staggering in the long run.

In foreign retail stores, the freezers have been replaced with Cooler Beverage Sliding Shelves.

This is an artifact that allows the drinks in the freezer to automatically slide to the front of the shelf by using its own gravity as long as the tilt angle of the shelf is adjusted.

It is not only convenient for customers to pick up goods, but also saves the trouble of frequent tallying by shop assistants. It can not only reduce the labor intensity of shop assistants, but also directly reduce the expenditure on shop electricity.

At present, with the upgrading of my country's industrial structure and the continuous expansion of the roller shelf market, a number of powerful roller shelf manufacturers have emerged in our country.

The typical representative is Guangdong OFL Automatic Display Shelf Technology Co., Ltd., this company The company currently has more than 20 national patents, covering a total of more than 2,500 stores, and famous companies such as Coca-Cola and Haier are its partners.

Its products are very authoritative and professional. The current version is divided into general version, special version and customized version.

Users can choose according to the actual situation. It is currently the best experience in the industry. The emergence of this group of companies will, in turn, actively drive the continuous expansion of the Alumiumn Refrigerator Shelf market.

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