How to choose the freezer slide that suits you

May 10 , 2023

For the selection of Auto Flexible Roller Shelf, the following aspects of preliminary preparations are required:

1. Measure the size: Whether it is a single-layer or double-layer freezer, the width and depth of the shelf must be measured.

2. Adjust the angle: roller shelf needs to adjust the angle with the freezer shelf, and the angle can be 3-5°.

3. The dividing line: After determining the size of the slideway, determine the number of divider lines according to the size of the product.

4. The front baffle: 7cm for the general version and 11cm for the special version. The height of the drink is generally 7cm.

5. Color selection: currently there are two kinds of black and gray. Black is versatile and gray is high-end.

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